Slot Overview: Sheriff’s Gold Megaways

Prepare yourself for some Western-themed adventure in iSoftBet’s online slot, Sheriff’s Gold Megaways, by saddling up, loading up, or getting all dolled up. Despite everything Mark Twain stated, there are moments when it feels like lives are repeating themselves. One prime example is iSoftBet’s 2020 release Western Gold Megaways, which is nearly identical to Sheriff’s Gold Megaways. The only major difference between this and the previous version is the title. Get ready to mosey on if you just can’t get enough of dusty one-horse settlements that host hold ‘n win games.

Outside on the street between Sons Hotel and the Sheriff’s office, people are playing Sheriff’s Gold Megaways while clouds race overhead. The sound effects are as good as ever, weaving together the clip-clop of horse hooves and the dreary calling of birds with deadly serious, twanging Western music. It’s’serious fun,’ just like iSoftBet says it is, and it adds so much more to the game than a simple melody would. It’s easy to understand why creators keep coming back to a frontier theme, since the visuals and sounds work together to create a powerful atmosphere.

When they do make a comeback, it’s generally in a whole new game or a reskin. Neither of these things is true of Sheriff’s Gold Megaways, therefore the features and specifications are the same as they were before the rebranding. This predicted RTP of 95.98% is based on a medium-high mathematical model. Since there was no bonus purchase available for this, nothing will change. To put it another way, gamblers choose wagers ranging from 20 pence to £/€20 every spin, press play, and wait to see where the chips fall.

When the player presses “play,” the six reel game grid begins spinning, with two to seven symbols appearing on each reel. The number of possible winning combinations ranges from 117,649 down to 117,648 depending on the amount of symbols in play. It all starts with a base game win. All winning symbols are initially cleared from the grid, making room for other symbols to cascade down and fill the empty positions. After the symbol falls, if a new winning way is generated, the cascade begins again and continues until no more wins occur.

Winning ways are formed when identical symbols appear in adjacent columns, beginning with the first reel. All symbols require at least three of a kind to win, with the exception of the highest premium, which is awarded for just two of a kind. The handgun is the highest paying item, followed by the hip flask, the stirrup, and the ace through nine. If you get six matching symbols, you’ll win between 0.5 and 1.5 times your wager on royals and between 2 and 25 times your bet on higher-value tiles. The wild symbol, which appears on reels 2 through 5, may be used in lieu of other pay symbols to create winning combinations.

Features of the Slot Machine, Sheriff’s Gold Megaways

Similar in appearance, abilities, and, well, other aspects as well. We’ll be taking our time looking through a few changes to the game’s foundation and several variations on the Sheriff’s Gold Cash Respins in this section of the study.

Add-ons to the Core Game

Any purchased spin has the potential to activate a modifier. The Max Megaways button causes all 117,649 possible paylines to be activated, filling the reels with symbols. Although it’s not guaranteed, the Bonus Add is a beneficial modifier that increases the odds of triggering Sheriff’s Gold Cash Respins.

Gold Coins for the Sheriff’s Sale

The Sheriff’s Gold Cash Respins bonus is activated by landing 5 scatters during the main game. The triggering icons are frozen in place as the rest of the icons disappear, and 3 respin awards are given out. During the bonus round, the player can only score a scatter or a blank. When new scatters are landed, the number of re-spins returns to 3. Scatter symbols can be either a multiplier for the total wager or one of three jackpot icons (Mini, Major, or Mega) worth 10, 25, or 50 times the wager. In addition, all reward values on a given reel are multiplied by a predetermined amount if that reel becomes completely covered in locked symbols. All visible scatter values are tallied and rewarded at the end of the round.

Casting Doubt on the Megaways in Sheriff’s Gold

Changing one word in a game’s title and passing it off as new is a particularly egregious example of taking the easy way out so that you may get to the finish line faster, as iSoftBet has done. There must be some strange technological or legal need for the creation of Sheriff’s Gold Megaways. But, in the end, was it beneficial? Will this lead to a flood of “new” releases when the only thing “new” about them is a word or two in the title? Probably not, and I certainly hope not! Truth be told, Sheriff’s Gold Megaways did not come with a free gift, despite the ‘Western’ to ‘Sheriff’s’ rebranding. Maybe that’s why it was released again. Perhaps it’s a Western mystery on par with the fate of Butch Cassidy’s less-famous traveling companion, Etta Place. Some people believe that Etta is not even her true name.

Forget the unanswered questions for a second and focus on the facts. One fact is that Sheriff’s Gold Megaways was just as excellent as the original game, which is odd considering how similar they are. The Western setting is really immersive, and although it may not be as dismal as, say, Dead or Alive 2 or Tombstone RIP, it still does a wonderful job of making the player feel like they’ve entered a dark and dangerous world where anything goes. Similar to the original, Aztec Gold Megaways’ Mini, Major, and Mega values are quite weak and unimpressive. Even so, Sheriff’s Gold Megaways can still brag about a massive maximum prize of 12,000x the wager, the same as Western Gold Megaways.

Our time with Sheriff’s Gold Megaways ends as the sun sets over the arid plain and the wolves howl. Sheriff’s Gold Megaways surprised people by being so similar to its predecessor in a market saturated with imitations, duplicates, and remakes.